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About The Fruit Company


74多年来,我们’ve been growing high quality gourmet fruit.

We take great pride in delivering the best fruit gifts to our customers nationwide. Learn more about us by watching our video below or browse our delicious gourmet fruit itemsob电竞体育平台 .

A Legacy of Quality Fruit Growing and Gifting

Central to our success in growing incredible fruit and building elegant gifts around them is the uniquely beautiful and fertile area in which we live. Nestled at the base of the majestic Mount Hood lies a microclimate that produces 46 inches of annual rainfall, most of which is deposited in the winter and spring, enriching the soil before the trees blossom. Warm, dry summers and autumns allow our fruit to ripen to maturity in the warm sun. The Hood River Valley (pictured) lies positioned between the two Stratovolcanoes, Mount Hood (11,249 feet) and Mount Adams (12,276 feet), as well as the mighty Columbia River to the north. Our orchards are highly enriched by the volcanic soil of this fertile valley, while mountain glaciers feed the local streams and orchards. These factors contribute to the richness and flavor of the fruit that thrive here.

Each piece of fruit is carefully selected, picked at its peak, and nurtured to preserve its freshness. This meticulous care extends throughout gift-building, from assembly to doorstep delivery. The genuine joy that stems from satisfied customers, as shared through reviews and heartwarming stories, is what we live for. As we journey towards a century of excellence, we invite you to join us in experiencing the delight of sharing The Fruit Company's exceptional creations with your family and friends this holiday season.